February 18, 2020 2 min read

Ok so baby is on the way, you've got your plan for the nursery and started to buy the essentials. There are a million things to do and think about and get ready - not to mention all the physical changes and challenges we have to deal with!

Perhaps the baby cot is in place and you’ve got the essentials (or perhaps they are still on the list!) but if you’ve got your plan figured out for the nursery it’s probably time to choose the perfect mobile!


Easier said than done though! 

Online is always the place to start so you grab the phone, type in ‘buy baby mobile’ and then get overwhelmed with the choices and considerations.  What starts out as an exciting shopping opportunity turns into a stress inducing experience trying work out what’s best for baby’s development, what’s safe, if it matches the theme you’ve chosen etc etc.

Buying for Two 

One of the reasons it can get so difficult is that you are buying for two.  Baby and Mum. Let’s face it - if the mobile hits all the soothing, calming, safety and developmental needs baby needs but doesn’t match the nursery decor then it’s just not going to fly. 

Recognising this can help take the stress out of the purchase and help you plan for it better.

So let’s look at how to narrow down the options and get some focus to make the search much easier.

First - Identify the key colours the mobile must have to match the nursery decor you’ve chosen

Good retailers will have a large range of colour choices  - and designs - to enable you to pick one that will tie in with your theme.  Some mobiles are artful creations in themselves that can give you inspiration to build a nursery theme around.

Dragons Mobile
Second - Decide on what type of materials you want it made from.

Plastic OK?  Or not? Mass made plastic mobiles are everywhere in a host of designs and colours and if you’re happy with plastic you’ll certainly find one to suit.  Perhaps, though you’d prefer handmade, natural products. Often these types bring a soft calmness that plastic can’t quite match. 

Just being clear on these two things can narrow down the search dramatically.  A search combining colours and materials will bring up results much more closely related to what you want and make your search time that much less. 

Once you’ve done these quick tips will help make the right decision

  1. Ensure it has the right elements to help babies development
  2. Buy from an established reputable company
  3. Go with quality 

These are simple, perhaps not even needed to be stated, but they are really important. We know that the mobile has to look great but you don’t have to sacrifice that to get something that’s safe and delivers all those developmental benefits and checking off these three is a good way to get the best for mum and baby.

Happy shopping!  Putting together a nursery is one of the joy’s a new mum get’s to have. If all natural, handmade products are what you are looking for then check out our designer range.

I hope you find the perfect baby cot mobile!