February 24, 2020 3 min read

Ready to hang that beautiful new baby mobile?  

A gorgeous mobile is a wonderful addition to a nursery.  It will help complete the design, add to the colour story and provide valuablestimulus to aid your baby’s development.

As with all baby products, you also want to make sure it’s safe for your little one. 

Here’s some tips to help ensure you can do just that!

Check for Potential Choking Hazards

Small, removable parts can be a choking hazard so make sure you give the mobile a thorough going over before you go ahead with the installation.  Check that all the parts are secure, the string is not frayed, there’s no flimsy hardware and that nothing could fall off into the crib. Do this checkafter installation too - just to make sure you haven’t caused any damage during installation that could be a safety issue.


Plan the Placement

Beforeyou start drilling holes in the ceiling find the perfect spot for it to hang and check that you have enough string for it to sit at the height you want. You don’t want it in a walkway so you have to walk around it constantly but make sure it’s far enough out from the wall so it can hang and spin freely.

Height is Crucial!

It’s really important that the mobile stays out of reach of baby. However you also want it to be close enough that your baby can see it and enjoy it.

Newborns have and optimum visual range of 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30cm) and have trouble focusing on things further away than that. Start by hanging your mobile about 16 inches (40cm) above the surface of the crib mattress. If baby doesn’t seem to be responding or interacting then lower it a little until they do.  Just make sure it’s impossible for baby to reach it! 

Installation and Maintenance

All baby products should be used, installed and maintained according to the manufacturers safety instructions - mobiles are no exception. Ensure it is secure and can’t fall into the crib and then perhaps check it again! Make sure the height will stay where you have set it and check the mobile regularly. 

Adjusting for Growth

Mobiles are designed to attract your baby’s attention, help themdevelop focus and colour recognition and to entice them to start developing motor skills and depth perception as they start reaching towards it. 

As baby grows you may need to adjust the height of the mobile so it stays out of reach and certainly once they start to push up onto hands and knees (usually around the 5 months mark) it’s soon as they are able to push up onto hands and knees it’s time to consider removing it altogether.  If a growing baby can, even once, grab hold of the mobile there’s potential for injury and even strangulation or choking.

If you can’t bear the thought of retiring the mobile consider raising the height to a safe level or hang it in another place. You could make it a feature over your favorite cuddle spot or above the change table to distract your little wriggler while changing.

Your first thought with all baby products should be safety - after that you can get on to the fun parts like deciding on where the perfect spot is to hang that gorgeous mobile!




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