March 02, 2020 3 min read


Is there really a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to choosing the perfect gift  for the baby shower? Of course there is! There are certainly ways to mess it up and there are ways to make them fabulous! Here's 5 suggestions to help you do just that. 


1. Don't Stray Too Far From the Baby Registry

 It's so easy to spot something online thatyou think is gorgeous but will they love it too? New Mum's and even second time mum's do a lot of research on what they need, what will go with their decor and what brands they want to buy so you're doing your mummy friend to be a service when you choose something off their registry because she is guaranteed to love it! 

When you go off the registry you are taking a chance and you'll may end up giving something that's tucked away quietly in a cupboard. At the very least use the registry as a guide for colours and styles so you get something that matches and don’t buy the same item but from another brand - she’ll no doubt end up with two and the one on her registry will be the favorite!

2. Include the Receipt

Sounds simple but it can be really important especially if you've decided to go outside the gift registry. There are so many options out there and although you are sure she’ll love what you’ve chosen there’s a chance you haven’t quite chosen the right thing and your new mum friend wants to change it for something else. 

By including the receipt you tell her that it's OK to do that and make it possible to exchange it for something else. 8-month pregnant mum doesn’t want to lug a 200 diaper pack into the store only to be told she can’t exchange it without the receipt! 

3. Gift Cards Are Great!

Sometimes a gift card can seem a little impersonal but if you're not going to buy something off the gift registry then this is really an awesome choice. Mum's actually appreciate them because there are always things that they have in their minds that they need to get that they haven't yet or that they couldn’t include on the gift registry and a gift card can be the perfect thing to enable them to go and grab just what they want. 

 4. Don't Be Afraid to Get Them the Essentials

Yes I know diapers and baby wipes are not going to get the oooh’s and aaaah’s a gorgeous baby mobile or snuggly blanket will but they will be really appreciated. Your new mum friend is going to use a lot (a real lot!) of these over the next 3 or 4 years and having a bunch on hand, especially in the early days after baby comes home, saves trips to the store and contributes to new mum’s peach of mind - one less thing to worry about is often a blessing!

5. Group Gifts Are In

 Let's face it a lot of the things that a new mum needs are expensive. The crib, a stroller, bottle warmers and car seats -  all expensive items. When you see these on a registry most mums aren’t expecting that one person will fork out for the whole thing so don’t be afraid to pool resources and get the more expensive items. Many retailers are making it even easier by adding multiple person payment options at the check out but even if you can't find one of who does it’s not too much trouble to organise and will result in a big expense ticked off the list.

A baby shower is great fun for those who attend and for the new mum and really helps her get set up for when baby arrives. It's not only a fun event but goes a long way to easing the pressure to be ready. Getting the right gift will reduce her stress,help her be ready, and allow her to focus on herself and her new little one.