About Us

Rachel, Mark and 3 of the best humans on the planet - that’s Tik Tak Design Co! 

Started in 2013 we have evolved and grown over the years.

Our exquisite range of handcrafted pieces has been shaped by my love for design, vibrant colours, and exceptional products that prioritize both our well-being and that of our planet.

I’ve operated a number of different businesses but a few years back those passions led me to start providing products for the home. 

 I began with the design of baby mobiles, using a new material for me at the time - woolen felt balls.


 From the very outset, I fell head over heels in love with this remarkable felt - it's natural, hypoallergenic, soft, easy to clean, eco friendly and sustainable, making it the perfect material to design with. It also retains colours superbly and can be shaped into almost anything I can dream up!

Very quickly the baby mobile colours and designs expanded as did the product range to include handcrafted decor items for the nursery and home. 


To ensure that we maintain ethical standards and stay true to our values, I have travelled to and work closely with our producers in Nepal. My visits enable me to get to know our suppliers and their families, workers, and workplaces, and confirm that we are partnering with wonderful people who care deeply about their product and employees.

At Tik Tak Design Co., my team and I continue to craft our designer range, to meet the values and ideals that started this whole journey - perhaps you'd like to join us!

We genuinely hope that you will adore our creations as much as we do!

Just click here to find out. :)


Tik Tak Design Co.