February 10, 2020 2 min read

In any baby nursery a colourful mobile is a must! They are often thought of as beautiful decorations and chosen to fit with a specific theme or colour story in the nursery but they also play an important role in your baby's development too.

Mobiles are important in a number of ways, helping with a baby's physical and mental development. Here's 5 benefits you may not have realised come with a gorgeous mobile!

Visual stimulation

A baby's eyes are not fully developed and require different visual stimulus as they grow. Colour recognition grows quicker with the right stimulation. Younger babies tend to benefit most from looking at black and white and as they grow shades of blue, red and yellow colours will help them more. No matter what style you choose a mobile will help stimulate this growth. 

Developing motor skills

As your baby gains more head control not only will their eyes follow the mobiles movement but they will start turning or lifting their head to watch the colours and follow the movement. Muscles that control head movement are strengthened by these actions which is important as baby becomes more mobile and inclined to look around and lift their head.

Hand-eye coordination

Little hands will start to reach for the mobile around the age of 3 months. At this point, your baby's vision has improved to the point where there they are able to follow the movements of the mobile and they will naturally start to reach for the it as it moves moves above them. This is the beginning of learning necessary co-ordination and muscle movement skills.

Spatial awareness

Another important skill learned as baby starts to reach out is the development of spatial awareness and depth perception. As new eyes look around your baby nursery, at closer objects and at the mobile hands will try to reach it and important connections are made in the brain as it contrast other experiences with closer objects that can be touched. Mobiles with varied shapes and colours stimulate babys interest and encourage these learning movements.

Sleep and relaxation

Getting baby to sleep is important for baby and for Mum! The colours and movement of a baby mobile can provide a necessary distraction from things which are happening around the baby in the room helping them relax and drift off to sleep. Establishing a good sleep routine is important to help babies adjust to regular sleeping patterns and a mobile can be an effective part of that routine

A mobile that captures your baby's attention does much more for his or her development than you might first think. So beyond being a beautiful addition to your baby nursery a mobile is an important developmental tool for your little one as they start out in life.

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