January 20, 2020 2 min read

The nursery for a new baby girl can be a magical place! 

Every mum wants to create that perfect dream space for their new little one and finding just the right pieces to create the theme you want is sometimes a daunting task. If you're buying for someone else it can be even harder - of all the baby girl gifts you could get what's the right one?

A beautiful, natural product like wool felt, when crafted properly, can create a stunning piece of wall art, a beautiful soothing baby mobile, colourful yet durable storage containers or an adorable animal that makes a perfect gift.

I just love designing with felt! It is so versatile, it's durable, easy to clean, holds colour beautifully and can be shaped into almost anything I can dream up!  

Almost all our designs feature this beautiful product in one way or another and when you're looking for a gift for a little girl there's a whole host of ideas to choose from.Here's a few ideas....

A baby mobile is can be the centrepiece of a nursery.  Different animals, shapes and colours enable you to match any decor helping complete the room's theme. They're also practical, helping baby to develop shape recognition and other perception skills or soothing and calming when it's time to sleep or be changed.

Soft neutral colours like our Hush Baby design might suit or the Fuschia Unicorns with grey's and pinks could work. 

          hush baby mobilefuschia unicorn baby mobile


There's heaps of other designs so You'll be able to match any decor theme.

Perhaps mum would love to add some wall art.

A beautiful swan is an enchanting piece for a little girl.  It can add a distinctive touch to a room and help create a little magic and whimsy too!

Hand made with coloured feathers, a flower crown and beautiful detailing in the delicate features these creatures are just gorgeous.  They adorn the wall with a quiet grace that mum and baby will both love.

The first one features an array of pink and grey feathers and the second a mix of spring colours.

              Swan Wall Decor

 Others in the range have different colour combinations too.

That's just a small taste of our range of baby girl gifts. I know one of these or anything from our store will add a little magic!



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