January 20, 2020 1 min read

I love baby showers and if you're like me there's lots of people around you who have just had, are planning on or expecting, a new addition to the family! 

Baby showers are so much fun and it's wonderful to see the excitement of a soon-to-be mum and of course we want to get the perfect gift - but it's not always easy.

I've designed our range using all natural materials ans fibres so they're safe for baby, eco-friendly and completely gorgeous! One of these will have mum exclaiming with delight!

Here's our Top 3 Baby Shower Gifts 

Savanna Baby Mobile

Savanna baby mobile

A beautiful mobile featuring african animals all hand made and detailed.  Made from 100% wool felt this is a stunning piece that will wow mum and captivate baby.

Spring Colours Animal Wall Decor



This beautiful creature is just gorgeous with multi-coloured feathers and delicate hand detailed features.

Donkey Felt Animals

Donkey Felt Animal

These cheeky characters are perfect for the little ones room and will become a treasured playmate.  All-natural 100% wool felt, hand made and sooo cute!

Hopefully you can the the right one for your bestie from among our range of baby shower gifts! 




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