Leather Shelf Straps

We love these leather shelf straps! They are a versatile and minimalist design and don't overpower the items you want to display.

Available in a natural leather it will have small colour variations and blemishes as these are a feature of natural leather goods - this just adds to its beauty and charm! It will also darken over time and with exposure to sunlight, as all leather does.

These leather straps are 25mm/2.5cm wide, 3mm/0.3cm thick and 795mm/79.5cm in total length.

If you were to use a piece of wood the same size as ours then it will hang 31cm from the top of the strap to the bottom of the shelf. You can purchase a piece of wood and have it cut to size at any hardware store. Our piece is 135mm/13.5cm in depth, 19mm/1.9cm thick and 600mm/60cm wide. You can purchase a longer piece of wood as you can place the straps further apart. If you use a deeper piece of wood so that your shelf is deeper please note that the straps will hang shorter to accommodate the extra depth.

Each set comes with two leather shelf straps (please note there are two sets showing in the main picture) and 4 gold screws.


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