Coral Stripe Felt Rug

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Our striking Coral Stripe felted rug adds vibrancy and colour.

Featuring sea blue, chocolate, white and soft coral shades with a bold coral outline, it is a modern and engaging piece of floor art. Not only is it perfect for a kid's room or nursery, in will also enhance the entrance way or be a focal point in any area of your home. 
Handmade from 100% wool it is an eco-friendly, all natural material - safe, durable and easy to clean.
  • Measures 110cm in diameter
  • Wool is naturally dirt and liquid repellant so is relatively easy to clean. Your rug will benefit from regular vacuuming or brushing. If a spill does occur then gently dab the affected area. Do not rub harshly and do not soak. Spot clean with a damp sponge & soap. We recommend that you avoid using harsh cleaning products.
Hand crafted - Eco friendly - Ethically made