Home Decor

Large Green Storage Bowl
Spring Green & White Felt Bowl from $45.95
Coral and Baby Pink Felt Bowl
Coral & Baby Pink Felt Bowl from $45.95
Kelly Green Felt Bowl
Kelly Green & Baby Pink Felt Bowl from $45.95
Blue and Grey Storage Bowl
Teal & Grey Felt Bowl from $59.00
dining setting with placemats
Russet Stripe Table Mat $45.95
Mulberry Felt Bowl
Mulberry & Blue Felt Bowl from $45.95
Rose Pink and White Felt Bowl
Rose Pink & White Felt Bowl from $45.95
Russet and Barely Pink Felt Bowl
Russet & Barely Pink Felt Bowl from $45.95
Cobalt and Candy Pink Felt Bowl
Cobalt & Candy Pink Felt Bowl from $45.95
Moonstone Rug
Moonstone Felt Rug $279.00
Dusky Pink and Natural Felt Bowl
Dusky Pink & Natural Felt Bowl from $45.95
Grape and Baby Blue Felt Bowl
Grape & Baby Blue Felt Bowl from $45.95
Aqua Felt Bowl
Aqua & Peach Felt Bowl from $45.95
Large Watermelon Pot
Watermelon Pot from $15.95
Blue and white placemat
Land & Sky Table Mat $45.95
navy dining setting
Navy Stripe Table Mat $45.95
cloud table mat dining setting
Sketched Clouds Table Mat $45.95
striped felt placemat
Coral Stripe Table Mat $45.95
black and white felt placemat
Mono Stripe Table Mat $45.95
striped table mat setting
Dusky Pink Stripe Table Mat $45.95
pink placemat table setting
Pink Scape Table Mat $45.95
felt rainbow placemat
Rainbow Table Mat $45.95
pink and blue placemat
Jellybean Table Mat $45.95
dining setting with placemats
Moonstone Table Mat $45.95
felt tablemat setting
Oasis Table Mat $45.95
blue felt rug
Denim Stripe Felt Rug $279.00
Russet Stripe Felt Rug
Russet Stripe Felt Rug $279.00
Felt rug in room
Land & Sky Felt Wool Rug $279.00
Sketched Clouds Felt Rug
Sketched Clouds Felt Rug $279.00
Coral stripe rug in room
Coral Stripe Felt Rug $279.00
Felt rug rainbow
Rainbow Felt Rug $279.00
Jellybean Felt Rug
Jellybean Felt Rug $279.00
Oasis felt rug
Oasis Felt Rug Sold Out
100% Wool Dryer Balls
100% Wool Dryer Balls $35.00