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Pink Scape Felt Rug

Colour their world with this design-driven piece of felt decor! Beautifully made using an array of pinks and greys this unique design is both fun and playful.

Happy in a nursery, the kids room or an entryway it brings a splash of colour and interest. Made entirely of natural wool felt this is an ethically sourced, eco-friendly floor covering. 

  • Measures 110cm in diameter
  • Wool is naturally dirt and liquid repellant so is relatively easy to clean. Your rug will benefit from regular vacuuming or brushing. If a spill does occur then gently dab the affected area. Do not rub harshly and do not soak. Spot clean with a damp sponge & soap. We recommend that you avoid using harsh cleaning products.
All natural - Eco friendly - Hand made - Ethically Sourced